Mobile Home Power Washing Service in Midlothian VA

It’s an easy solution for older and newer mobile homes that get dirty quickly, get mold and mildew at the bottom, or get rust. The process also gets rid of decaying wood on them (if any) while removing dirt.

The Benefits of Power Washing a Mobile Home

One of the reasons people buy used mobile homes is that they’re less expensive than brand new ones. One common problem with many old mobile home models is that they’re not built to withstand weather changes over time, so it gets rusted or decays faster than usual even if you’ve maintained them regularly.

If you want to sell your used mobile home within a reasonable amount of time, pressure washing it should be one of your main activities before putting it up for sale. Aside from making it look better, pressure washing increases its value.

Although this process is more effective on mobile homes with smooth surfaces, it would still work on those with textured exterior finishes.

The Right Pressure Machine

Different kinds of pressure washers are used when it comes to cleaning different types of surfaces. There’s a particular pressure machine that you should use when cleaning the exterior, interior, windows, and wheels to make sure that your work will effectively make your mobile home look better than before.

The Right Nozzle for the Right Job

This is one way to maximize the efficiency of whatever pressure washing machine you’re using by selecting the right nozzle for the right job. A specific spray nozzle dispenses water at different pressures depending on its purpose (for example, if it’s meant for interiors or exteriors).

You have to understand which nozzle will give you the right amount of water pressure to clean a particular surface.

How We Power Wash a Mobile Home

  • We start by cleaning its sidewalls from top to bottom with a detergent solution or soap, then scrub it using a broom-style brush.
  • For roofs and windows, we use ladders to maximize our reach when applying detergents on these surfaces.
  • When dealing with windows, it’s essential to apply the solution to small sections so you won’t waste too much time working on one part (since each part of your mobile home gets dirty at different rates).
  • We use the same procedure in applying detergents to the mobile homebodies, wheels, and bumpers.

It’s important to know what types of solutions or detergents you can apply when using these machines because certain chemicals are not suitable for every kind of surface. It’s also advisable to wear safety equipment like goggles and gloves while power washing mobile homes.

What We Avoid While Power Washing Mobile Homes

  • We don’t use high pressure on every mobile home part.
  • The exterior gets the most thorough cleaning for surface preparation.
  • We use high pressure when dealing with windows, roofs, sidewalls, and wheel wells because they’re the parts that get dirtiest in a mobile home.
  • For other surfaces like doors and facias, we only use low pressure.

We Never Use High Pressure on Every Mobile Home Part

We avoid using high pressure on different mobile home parts because some areas are more sensitive than others. For example, the area around light fixtures (if there are any) and electrical outlets may not be able to withstand high-pressure cleaning because their components can get damaged easily. We also avoid using hot water when power washing mobile homes.

We Do Not Use Hot Water

We never use hot water in pressure washing a mobile home because it can affect its color or fade its exterior finish. Using hot water makes the exterior look dull, so we only use cold or lukewarm water in our work to give your used mobile home a shiny appearance without affecting its color.

We Do Not Use Strong Chemicals

We don’t have to use strong chemicals when power washing mobile homes because it’s not necessary. Overusing chemicals can be harmful to the health of the people around you, plus it won’t make your mobile home look any better than before.

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are strong enough to remove dirt and stains without damaging the surface. This will also help us save more water during pressure washing.

Get Help from Power Washing Services

When we’re done power washing a mobile home, we always clean up to ensure that there won’t be any dirt left on the exterior. This ensures that our customers will get total value from their money. When you or anyone else in your family tries to do power washing on your own, there’s a chance that you’ll leave dirt behind.

If this happens to you, the only way to get rid of it is by getting help from Midlothian VA Mobile Home Power Washing like ours. We can remove any stains or dirt so your mobile home will be spotless.

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