Fight The Mold 10 Ways To Keep Your Home Siding Mold-Free

What To Look For When Hiring A Power Wash Contractor or Power Wash Company?

1) License

A power washing company should be licensed. Because you should hire a legitimate company with a vetted team. Hence, the license is important.

2) Experience

Some years of experience are good. An experienced company knows – how to do their jobs safely. So, hire an experienced company.

3) Trained Team

A trained team will never waste their time. They can finish their power washing jobs perfectly on time. That’s why a power washing company should have a trained team.

4) Reviews

Good reviews come from satisfied customers. Therefore, you should read all the reviews before hiring a power washing contractor.

We are a licensed and experienced Midlothian VA power washing company. Our team is trained and skilled. They can finish their jobs on time and they use the latest equipment. So, we are an ideal power washing company in Midlothian VA.

What Kind Of Services Power Washing Companies Typically Provide?

* Driveway Cleaning
* Patio Cleaning
* Sidewalk Cleaning
* Roof Cleaning
* Gutter Cleaning
* Gum Removal
* Old Paint Removal
* Graffiti Removal
* Deck Cleaning
* Residential Cleaning
* Commercial Cleaning

Some power washing company cleans windows, solar panels, and post-construction debris.

10 Smart Ways To Keep Mold Away From Your Home Siding

1) Prune The Trees

Molds grow in dark areas. Pruning the trees around your house will allow sunlight on your siding. Thus, your house siding may not grow mold.

2) Go For Occasional Washing

Routine washing is a great way to stop mold building. You can use DIY techniques or you can call professionals to wash your home siding occasionally.

3) Don’t Allow Plants or Vines Near Your Siding

Some plants or vines create moisture. As a result, mold may grow on your siding. So, you should not keep plants or vines near your siding.

4) Check Your Gutters

Water drainage should be properly done. Otherwise, mold would love your siding. That’s why check and clean all the rain gutters in your house.

5) Keep Your Siding Away From Sprinklers

The water from the sprinklers can help to grow mold. Hence, you should not keep sprinklers around your home siding.

6) Use Proper Chemical Cleaners

You can use mold-resistant cleaners to stop the growth of molds. These chemicals are good. But, molds may come back.

7) Clean All The Moss

Moss is also responsible for mold growth. Therefore, you should always clean the mosses on your siding.

8) Don’t Allow Any Moisture Build Up

Your house can have some ducts or ventilation systems. If these systems leak, then moisture can build up on your siding. Therefore, you should check your home’s ducts.

9) Inspect Your Siding On Rainy Days

Mold can grow in rainy seasons. So, you should inspect your siding after the rainy days. Wash all the molds immediately and molds may not grow on your siding.

10) Use Mold-Resistant Paint

Paints may not be able to kill molds. But, mold-resistant paints can stop the growth of molds on your siding.

We are an efficient Midlothian VA power washing company. We can clean your house’s siding and we can stop the growth of molds. We are available for weekly or monthly power washing. So, contact us and clean the exteriors of your house.

What Is The Best Method Of Power Washing?

1) Ec0-Friendly

In this method, eco-friendly chemicals are used. These chemicals can remove mold, mildew, and moss from surfaces. It’s a safe method. It won’t harm your health, plants, or pets.

2) Mixture

This method involves strong chemicals and water. You may have a stubborn grease or stain on surfaces. In that case, this method is used.

3) Warm Water Cleaning

This method uses nothing but warm water. Sometimes normal water is also used to clean the surfaces.

The method of power washing depends on the condition of the surface. Hence, you should only choose a method that gives you a perfect cleaning.

Why Should You Trust Our Power Washing Services?

We are a licensed and experienced power washing company. Our team uses the latest equipment and Eco-friendly methods. We listen to our customers and we finish our jobs on time. So, our power washing services will surely satisfy you.

How To Get A Power Washing Quote?

You can visit our website and you can contact us through our phone number. Apart from that, we also have a form. Just fill it up and contact our Midlothian VA power washing services.

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