How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your House?

Why Your Home Needs Power Washing?

Years of dirt can make your house look dark and dull. It’s almost impossible for a person to clean these layers of dirt. Power washing uses tremendous water pressure to wash your sidings. Moreover, this method is not so time-consuming. That’s why power washing is an ideal option to wash your home.

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How Often Should You Pressure Wash or Power Wash Your House?

This is an important question. Because people just don’t know – why and when they should call a power washing company. As a result, they waste their money and they don’t get a clean house.

To help you, the answer to this question is discussed below. So, read the discussion and call our Midlothian VA power washing company right on time.

1) Location and Weather

The location of your house matters most. If your house is located in a coastal area, then it might become a victim of salty weather. Even, tropical areas face heavy rainy weather all over the year.

Now, moisture and dirt can create a thick layer of dirt on your house walls. So, try to power wash your coastal house twice a year.

Some houses are near forests or some people plant big trees around their houses. Trees block the sunlight. Therefore, the dirt on your house siding never gets dried. Such houses should be washed thrice a year.

If your house is beside a road, then it will lose its glamor quickly. Dirt and grime can ruin the shine of your house. So, pressure wash your house twice a year to keep it afresh and beautiful.

A house located far away from the crowd, vehicles, and city may not catch too much dirt. Hence, you should call professionals once a year to clean it.

2) Siding Materials

Wood, vinyl, and metal sidings are common. Apart from that, bricks are also used to construct sidings. However, wood sidings may look great. But, they are easily affected by the weather. Moss, algae, dirt, and grime builds on them quickly. So, power wash your wood siding twice a year.

Vinyl is a human-made material. It’s a soft material. Furthermore, vinyl catches less dirt and mildew. Hence, you can wash vinyl sidings once a year.

Metals and bricks are strong materials. You should power wash them every year.

3) Budget

You may not have a big budget to clean your house twice a year. In that case, you can clean only the dirtiest sections of your house once a year. You can also pressure wash your entire house once a year.

If you have a tight budget, then try to power wash your house once every two years. But, don’t leave your dirty house sidings uncleaned.

4) The Age Of Your House

When a house is old, its sidings catch more and more dirt. New house sidings have layers of paint on them. So, a new house may not become too dirty. But, an old house is affected by the weather. So, try to power wash your old house once a year.

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