5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Gutters Every Fall


It’s the time of the year when autumn comes around and you know what to expect. Leaves will be falling all over, and some of the unfortunate recipients (of these natural occurrence which turns brownish during the fall) are your roof gutters.

It is extremely important that when the leaves and other debris start falling all over your place, and especially your roof, you must have it cleaned out, or face the costly consequences.

Gutters are essential parts of the whole well being of your home. They control the flow of rainwater so that not only your roof will be protected, but also your walls, foundation and even your landscape.

When left neglected, your gutters will be your nightmare. Here are 5 reasons why you should have your gutters power cleaned by the experts, every time fall comes around:

1) You wouldn’t want a leaky roof and let water damage the interior and exterior of your home. An affordable expense to let power washing experts clean out your gutter will transform into a grim hundreds or thousands of dollars of expense if you neglect the state of your gutters.

2) Filled up gutters makes for unsanitary habitats for rodents, pests, mold and even honeycombs from bees. You give these unwelcome guests reasons to stay on top of your roof and wreck havoc on your gutters.

3) The foundation of your home can be damaged. If the gutters are not cleaned, water will overflow and fall on the perimeters of your foundation. This softens the soil underneath and also around it, which lead to the foundation cracking up. This is because the foundation after being wet, will eventually freeze, and then crack.

4) Your basement will leak. Neglected gutters could also make the overflow water infiltrate the basement walls. When the water flow is becoming too heavy, it have no other recourse but to travel to the bowels of your home. This causes a lot of things you wouldn’t be wanting to face like black mold, feces like smells, structure damage and worse, flooding.

5) Landscape damage can also result when gutter maintenance is overlooked. Unobstructed water overflow from the gutters can result in your beloved plants and also garden grass being destroyed. When they die, there will be no more roots which will continue to hold the soil intact. The overflow water will not be inhibited at all from washing away exposed topsoil and sand. This unwanted erosion can destroy your cherished landscape and deform it.


Wait no further! In Midlothian VA, to save your home from further damage, call the professionals who have the advanced equipment and are trained in the power washing skills for thorough gutter cleaning.

Midlothian VA Power Washing fulfills your need for a healthy roof, and completely cleaned out gutters will attest to that. We also emphasis on eco friendly power washing wherein we use materials which are free of harsh chemicals and are therefore environment friendly.

We also would like to let you know that Midlothian VA Power Washing have been in this essential service industry for several years and we have several satisfied customers who can attest to our professionalism and effectivity.


How about visiting our website and filling out a form before we visit your home in Midlothian VA or surrounding areas? In this way, we will give you a no obligation quote which you can think about when your gutter is filling up to the brim.

We are here to help you get peace of mind when it comes to your roof and gutter cleaning problems. If you prefer, you can also contact us through our phone so you can get immediate feedback.

Hear from you soon!

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